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Islamorada 2022
Our annual fishing trip in beautiful Islamorada, Florida!

Welcome dinner is at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, September 13 at the Islamorada Fish Company. The Islamorada Fire Department will also be there welcoming our wounded and disabled veterans, and everyone in our Florida Keys community is welcome to join in.


Heads up, everyone!  This is your chance to pick up an extra $300 cash while enjoying your 4 day FISH WITH A HERO Islamorada event!


On the last evening of your trip, we will be awarding $300 to the best still photo and the best video of the trip!  Here’s how to win:


  1. Take a GREAT still photo or video during our event, and

  2. Upload and rename the file following the instructions below.


A couple of additional rules:

  1. Only pictures and videos with fish in them can win,

  2. Only 2 entries may be made by each of you, and

  3. Videos can be no longer than 60 seconds.

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